I'd still highly recommend that you contribute sentences in Russian, so we could have sentences we can all trust as sounding natural.

He bent down and picked up the ball.

We asked him to come again.

This system has obvious defects.

I don't think Don trusts many people.

She had at least four faults.

I don't worry about my spelling - I rather go for speed typing.

An ectopic pregnancy is dangerous and potentially fatal for the mother.

I'm never going to talk to Franklin again.

Patriots always talk of dying for their country, and never of killing for their country.

I'd rather get punched five times than shot once.

I didn't touch him.

We chose John as captain.

We've been spending a lot of time together.


Luke got Alexis to carry his suitcase.

How many books do you have in your bag?

It took us days to track down the problem.

If you don't want to do it, you don't need to.

I thought you were into it.

Did Sridharan really say he thought I was smart?

It was cloudy all day long today.


Nara is famous for Daibutsu.


I'll do anything within reason.

I let them in the house.

Like it or not.

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Will I see you again?

Where is the nearest store?

Glen doesn't know his birthdate.


Guys are stupid.

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You shouldn't read books that are harmful to you.

Directing students into rewarding business careers is the goal of vocational schools across the state.

After splitting up with her, Simon walked away without looking back.

I'm glad I ran into the two of you.

Did you ring him yesterday?

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I guess both of us wish we were somewhere else.

Dani burned the letter.

How big was your school?

Have you got any idea what I'm talking about?

He stayed up all night reading a novel.


This is no time to quibble over terminology.

She sends us to the town.

An American company based in Colorado recently demonstrated a new method by which it will be possible to recycle and speed up old computers, in effect transforming them into current machines.


You'd better tell him the truth.

I saw them jump into the pool.

We would like to reserve a table for 6 o'clock.

I don't have a girlfriend anymore.

I wouldn't be surprised if Rahul got kicked out of school.


I think Ruth is motivated.

I'm not saying anything else.

We came in view of the sea.

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I wanted to be with Kaj all the time.

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Yesterday morning I ate a waffle.

This is an interesting book to read.

I waited an hour for my friend.


She is seldom late for school.

I'm not pregnant.

Who is coming?

We have to act now.

Christina made up his mind to marry Trent.

London is among the world's largest cities.

I kind of liked that.


After you translate this article, send it to me.

I didn't study at all.

He married her.

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Allan is intellectually gifted.

I wouldn't want to work in a hospital.

I've read the first page.

We've known each other for ages.

The joys of the world do but little.

That avenue culminates in a great plaza.

What?! You didn't do your homework because of a soccer match? That's no excuse!

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The bookshelf is built in.

Dan's bedroom was in disarray.

I was just messing around.

Rusty is pleasant to be around.

Slartibartfast beat me at darts.


I didn't donate blood.

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The woman's name is Sue.

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Ricardo asked Dorian to provide another example.

What's the bottom line?

You ought not to miss it.

This room is my bedroom, and the other one is my office.

I have a remedy for that.

Dylan has been spending time with Jeremy.

Can't you see Rodent is sick?

I'm going to the United States tomorrow.

My house is only a mile from here.

What time will we reach Akita if we take the 9:30 train?

The climber stayed alert while climbing the precipice.

She will write another book one of these days.

He left the last page blank.

So I have known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed.

I signed the lease today.


Does this credit card work internationally?

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What is your first memory from when you were a kid?

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What's your address?

The flood was the greatest disaster they had ever had.

The traitor betrayed his country to the enemy.

In Sendai we have much rain in July.

You can meet me somewhere sometime or something.

I lent him a book but he still hasn't returned it.

The horse came in first.

Emily has brown hair.

Does the gentleman know whose car this is?

Pria is still very unhappy.

Give it up for him.

I'm glad you guys could make it.

It feels like a dream.

You had better go in person.

It's best to discuss relationship issues directly with your partner.

All this brings up new questions.

I bought only one book which I gave to a student.

Sheila goes to school, doesn't he?

No one asked you.

Stop goofing off and get back to work!

You sound jealous.

He got paid under the table.

I'm helping them out.


Kiss him.

We must stand up for our rights.

All afternoon a violent storm scoured the little town's streets.

The reporters demanded to know why the mayor wouldn't talk to them.

Brooke has a sore throat.

If you see him, give him my best.

A time will soon come when people can enjoy space travel.


Are you shy or are you scared?

This steel bar must be tempered.

I'd like to have ketchup on the side.


Is it really important to you why I quit smoking?

Ira doesn't have to talk so loud.

Raise your glasses.

This sort of thing hardly ever happens.

I can die happy now.

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Call me at my office.

George isn't capable of doing it.

This chair needs to be repaired.

Thank you for this.

The countryside is magnificent.

How dare you call me a criminal?

I admire the adamance with which you protect your son.

Will you tell me the way to his house?

The truth is that I lied.

What is that greasy stuff on your shirt?

She wants to be a heroine.


What is that, my son?

Is there a special rate for this tour?

Sam has lived here for a long time.

He is by far the best student.

That documentary about the environmental crisis was a real eye-opener.

I've given you a local anesthetic.

I'm starting to relax.

Madonna's concert drew a large audience.

I have small hands.

This old man actually swam across the river.

He has worked for the welfare of his people for 30 years.

She stopped talking.

If you want me to, I'll stay here with you until Kent gets back.


No matter what you do, don't ever kiss your teacher.

I've always enjoyed playing tennis with Henry.

Can you account for your whereabouts on the night of the murder?

I'd sure like to help Neil.

She was dressed in rich silks.

I never actually saw him.

My mother is the only one who sews clothes in our family.

Can't you do anything to stop them?

I'll find out soon enough.


After breakfast, we went out for a walk.


Myrick felt like going out for a walk.

What are you going to get?

Why do I have to talk to her?